Together we are part of the solution for sustainable mobility in Malta

Together we are part of the solution for sustainable mobility in Malta

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Another day, another journey, time to reflect and think. Whilst trying to get to our destination we may be stuck in traffic or be one of the people cycling or walking unaffected. We start thinking “this looks nice, I wish “this” and “that” could be improved…” On Greentrips, we want to hear what “this” and “that” is. This is a place to discover and share our ideas, suggestions, experiences and concerns about transport and open spaces in Malta. There are 3 ways to engage:


Inform yourself about methods of sustainable transport and the relevant operators. We have also prepared a list of other recommended actions for you to consider. Access an extensive list of research and initiatives including the EU Green Deal. Click on the links below, inform yourself and leave a comment.

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Come share your experiences, concerns and recommendations about mobility in Malta. Click on the links below to start a conversation or check out what others have to say.

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Walking and Cycling around Malta, is it possible?

Green Roads Malta teamed up with Project Aegle Foundation to start a conversation about walking and cycling in Malta as part of their launch of their Greentrips initiative. We invited various experts in the field who talked about their projects and how they are getting the people involved to create change in the mobility field. Claire Zarb presented the citizen […]

Contactless payments available on 80 buses

To increase it’s measures to make travelling by bus safe, Malta Public Transport has partnerd up with BOV to introduce contactless payments on 80 buses operating on busy routes. Their goal is to reach 100% contactless payments on all buses. Eight in ten passengers already opt for cashless payment through the Tallinja card. For those […]

Malta’s need for speed

When we think of traffic, our minds immediately go to the traffic jams and lack of parking that most of us deal with daily. In the hope to alleviate these issues and work towards a more sustainable transport plan, authorities have focused on widening and resurfacing our roads, along with implementing some major restructuring of […]

Proactive for a more sustainable environment

The San Gwann Local Council launches a public consultation on the 28th November 2020. The San Gwann Local Council launched a consultative forum aimed at pushing forward new strategies and policies towards sustainable development through alternative means of transport, recreation and open spaces. This forum gathered some of the main stakeholders in this area, and […]

The Greentrips Community Members


Robert Cuschieri

“I’m a strong believer that if I want change, then change needs to start from myself. And so I try to use my car as last resort where possible.”

Jasmin Brunschwiler

 “I do wish everyone living here, would take the environment more into account when choosing how to move around.”

Nicholas Galea

“It is nice to be recognised for actively using sustainable methods of transport rather than the car.”

Ann Camilleri

“Passionate about the environment, I have always wanted to get involved personally and professionally in projects that have a positive impact on the environment.“

Alexandra Rueß

“I want to be part of solution rather than part of the problem.“

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