Contactless payments available on 80 buses

To increase it’s measures to make travelling by bus safe, Malta Public Transport has partnerd up with BOV to introduce contactless payments on 80 buses operating on busy routes. Their goal is to reach 100% contactless payments on all buses.

Eight in ten passengers already opt for cashless payment through the Tallinja card. For those who do not have this card, it is now possible to buy tickets directly on the bus using their contactless card or device. These include BOVPay, GarminPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, smartphones and watches. These options eliminate the need to handle physical money. An extra advantage is that this process also minimises the onboarding time.

Instructions issued by the Malta Public Transport to its cash-paying customers are to have the exact amount for the fare as bus drivers are unable to give back change.

(Article written by Amanda Tonna –