Proactive for a more sustainable environment

The San Gwann Local Council launches a public consultation on the 28th November 2020.

The San Gwann Local Council launched a consultative forum aimed at pushing forward new strategies and policies towards sustainable development through alternative means of transport, recreation and open spaces. This forum gathered some of the main stakeholders in this area, and took place in the same week that the Central Government launched its Local Government Strategy based on 10 pillars. These 10 pillars include amongst others areas such as the environment, cleanliness, sustainable development and alternative means of transport. 

Attending this forum besides San gwann residents, were numerous NGOs including; Rota, Project Aegle Foundation and WalkingMalta, green businesses like Green Roads Malta. Policy makers including politicians from both sides, and governmental entities, new Minister for Energy and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli, Minister for Culture and Local Government Jose`Herrera, Parliamentary Secretary for Sports Voluntary Sector and Recreation Clifton Grima, Parliamentary Secretary for EU Funds Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, MEP with the environment portfolio Cyrus Engerer, Shadow Minister for Local Government Karl Gouder, President of the Local Council’s Association Mario Fava and other officials from the Government, mainly Transport Malta and the San Gwann Local Council, all addressed the forum.

During this consultative forum it came evident through different studies and statistics that between 50-70% of air pollution is coming directly from transport. The importance of walking, the use of bikes, physical exercises, greener open spaces, tree planting, recreational places and pedestrianised zones, all were highlighted in the session amongst other priority areas. Several studies were presented mainly to underline the causes and consequences of pedestrian and bike mobility and common needs and concerns were addressed in an awareness campaign. A number of projects, initiatives and governmental funds were highlighted, in order to promote, educate and sustain concretely these ideas. The San Gwann local council is expected to prepare a detailed document on the matters and ideas that came out from this forum with the aim of making it a blue print while introducing new measures in this regard.

San Ġwann Mayor Trevor Fenech, applauded the proactivity taken by the San Ġwann Local Council through this consultative forum between a number of NGOs, stakeholders, residents and politicians from each spectrum that led to a number of ideas for alternative means of transport, sustainable environment, as well as better use of pedestrianised zones, open spaces and recreation for a better San Ġwann. The Mayor expressed his appreciation for the encouraging attendance for this forum and thanked all those who attended and participated. The Mayor concluded by saying that the Council will be taking seriously these proposals and will start immediately working on implementing new measures.

(Article provided by Kurt Gullaimier – San Gwann Local Council)