Learn to ride the bicycle for free

Would you like to learn to ride a bike safely and confidently? nextbike are now offering a course to help you achieve that. Safety is their top priority so they start their sessions at safe, quiet areas and progress to more challenging situations whilst still respecting road safety. You will be guided by a certified […]

Walk and get rewarded

For the next month, restaurants, pubs and cafes will remain shut as Malta seeks to step up its battle against the pandemic as we seek to swiftly return to a much-desired normality. But as we pause some traditional past times, this month, offers a silver lining: the return of Spring means nicer weather, higher temperatures […]

Cool ride-pooling reduces vehicle traffic by one million kilometres in one year.

The Maltese population and its expat community are embracing new concepts of transport mobility, with more than 36,000 persons registering with ride pooling company Cool in 2020, which was the company’s first full calendar year of operations. For a country traditionally dependent on the use of the personal vehicle, such take-up reflected a very strong […]

Beautifying public spaces in Ghajnsielem

Members of Team Mosaic Ghajnsielem are now extending the boat mosaic they started last year in their village. Beautifying public spaces is said to inspire people to walk more. Would you be inspired to use your car less and walk more if we had more public spaces decorated with aesthetically appealing decorations?

Walking and Cycling around Malta, is it possible?

Green Roads Malta teamed up with Project Aegle Foundation to start a conversation about walking and cycling in Malta as part of their launch of their Greentrips initiative. We invited various experts in the field who talked about their projects and how they are getting the people involved to create change in the mobility field. Claire Zarb presented the citizen […]

Contactless payments available on 80 buses

To increase it’s measures to make travelling by bus safe, Malta Public Transport has partnerd up with BOV to introduce contactless payments on 80 buses operating on busy routes. Their goal is to reach 100% contactless payments on all buses. Eight in ten passengers already opt for cashless payment through the Tallinja card. For those […]

Malta’s need for speed

When we think of traffic, our minds immediately go to the traffic jams and lack of parking that most of us deal with daily. In the hope to alleviate these issues and work towards a more sustainable transport plan, authorities have focused on widening and resurfacing our roads, along with implementing some major restructuring of […]

Proactive for a more sustainable environment

The San Gwann Local Council launches a public consultation on the 28th November 2020. The San Gwann Local Council launched a consultative forum aimed at pushing forward new strategies and policies towards sustainable development through alternative means of transport, recreation and open spaces. This forum gathered some of the main stakeholders in this area, and […]