Walking and Cycling around Malta, is it possible?

Green Roads Malta teamed up with Project Aegle Foundation to start a conversation about walking and cycling in Malta as part of their launch of their Greentrips initiative.

We invited various experts in the field who talked about their projects and how they are getting the people involved to create change in the mobility field. Claire Zarb presented the citizen engagement project greentrips.eu, Camille Bon talked about the funding opportunities from the EIT Urban Mobility hub, Carlos Canas introduced Walking Malta and Matt Farrugia explained their current projects through Rota. The host, Amanda Tonna, directed questions about the subject to the people present and gave a brief introduction on how to interact and start a conversation on the new greentrips.eu platform. Esther Cuschieri Huy supported by attending to all the participants’ comments and questions.

We invite you to visit our website, start a conversation or give feedback on anything someone else has said. Please also give us feedback on whether you would like to attend similar events.

Watch the recording here: Walking and Cycling around Malta, is it possible?