Walk and get rewarded

For the next month, restaurants, pubs and cafes will remain shut as Malta seeks to step up its battle against the pandemic as we seek to swiftly return to a much-desired normality. But as we pause some traditional past times, this month, offers a silver lining: the return of Spring means nicer weather, higher temperatures and more hours of sunlight, a combination making it perfect to add some nice, long walks to your routine.

Various scientific studies have shown the health benefits associated with walking. This simple – and free – physical activity keeps away heart disease, strengthens muscles, helps us lose weight, improves mental health and in general, helps us live longer. What is not to like about walking?

To make it easier for us in Malta and Gozo, the islands offer a diverse mix of countryside walks, history-filled city stroll and exciting treks for the more-adventurous ones. Whether it’s the rugged coastline of Marfa or the rocky landscape of Għar Lapsi, or the history-filled alleys of The Three Cities, we literally have it all. It is therefore the perfect opportunity to discover more of what our islands have to offer – in simple words, be a tourist in our own country.

Free shared rides for the most committed walkers

If the benefits of walking were not enough, local ride-sharing company Cool is adding an extra bonus: a number of free shared rides for the most committed of walkers! You can easily join the challenge by downloading the Pacer app from your smartphone. You can walk, enjoy and track your walking distance on the app. Weekly winners will be announced.

Emilis Remeikis, Marketing Manager at Cool, said: “We understand that after a year of pandemic, Covid-fatigue is a true concern. The good thing is that there are healthy, safe, fun and, most importantly, legal options on how to spend free time. This includes discovering some of the secluded spots our beautiful country has to offer. To make this easier, we will be sharing some tips of great walks around the islands, while rewarding the most active among us for their efforts through free shared rides on Cool”.

Stay tuned on Cool website and social media pages for more updates on this fantastic opportunity.

Visit the following link to participate: https://www.cool.mt/cool-walk/

Read more about Cool here: https://wiki.greentrips.eu/categories/list-of-operators/page/cool

By Amanda Tonna