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Table of Contents

How to contribute to Greentrips?
How to use the “Share your Ideas and Experiences”?
What is accepted for submission ?
What is not accepted?
What is the Moderator role?
What do you need to know about Greentrips?
Terms of Use
Frequently Asked Questions

How to contribute to Greentrips?

The “Share your Ideas and Experiences” section is a public conversation about the topic of transport and public spaces in Malta. It’s a collaborative assemblage written by anyone who wishes to post their experiences about the different modalities of transport in Malta. We have divided this Section into various subcategories for ease-of-use. 

Public access allows anyone with an internet to add ideas or comment on an idea. You can opt to remain anonymous (Guest access) or to login in order to post a new idea or comment under your name. 

How to use the “Share your Ideas and Experiences”?

  • Click “Share your Ideas and experiences” from the menu to open dropdown menu
  • Select the category your ideas apply to from the menu

  • From there you have two options: 
  • Add a new idea or experiences
  • Comment an existing idea and experience

To add new idea or experience

  • Click on “Add a new idea” under each title of the section
  • Fill in the form to describe your new idea.

*Please note that your contribution will be reviewed by our team before being published to prevent disruption or vandalism. 

To comment on an existing idea: 

  • Click to select the idea you wish to consult or comment
  • The idea page opens. At the bottom page, click on “Add your comment” to comment the selected idea. 

What is accepted for submission ? 

We are looking for ideas on how to improve transport and open spaces in Malta. If something is not working, ask: can I do something about this? What is the solution to the problem? If I was the decision maker or service provider how would I make it better? 

Below are some examples of the type of feedback Greentrips is looking for:

  • Ideas on how to make better use of public spaces (e.g. pavements, piazzas, waterfronts, parks)
  • Start a constructive discussion around the concerns and feelings about a certain mode of transportation
  • Ideas on how to reduce vehicle dependency and promote active mobility (e.g. walking, cycling, kick scooter) 
  • Inspirational examples from localities in Malta or from around the globe that could be reproduced locally
  • Sharing the joys and the pains of your commuting experiences
  • Constructive feedback directed at mobility providers
  • Sharing ideas for a better tomorrow

What is not accepted? 

  • Politically motivated commentary
  • Insults and bullying of any kind
  • Promotions or spam
  • Topics not related to the transport/mobility/public realm 
  • Comments targeting race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity
  • Content that violates copyright laws
  • Incitation of criminal behaviour

* Please note that ideally articles are written in British English. 

What is the Moderator role?

A moderator supervises and works on improving the quality of the content by removing or repairing misinformation and other errors. Over time, this will allow articles to become more comprehensive and balanced.

On the Greentrips platform, content moderation includes the following roles: 

  • Peace Officer: Step in when a discussion becomes hostile.
  • Conversation Starter: Keep conversations flowing, and that may include starting interesting threads and participating in conversations with members.
  • Gate-Keeper: Approve relevant posts, comments and edits from users. 

Nonetheless, because articles can be edited or added to at any time, articles may contain undetected misinformation, errors, or vandalism. Those users aware of this can obtain valid information, avoid recently added misinformation and restore the article at their own discretion or notify the moderators. 

Anyone wishing to become a moderator can submit their request to [email protected], this position is without pay and may be revoked at any time.

What do you need to know about Greentrips? 

  • Greentrips is a live collaboration differing from traditional reference sources, websites  and consultation processes in a number of important ways. It is continually created and updated, with articles on new events appearing within minutes, rather than months or years.
  • Work submitted to Greentrips can be edited, used, and redistributed by a moderator and is subject to certain terms and conditions. 
  • Content related to the Discover section, which contains useful information, must be verifiable.
  • Your IP address will be publicly visible if you make any edits. If you log in or create an account, your edits will be attributed to a user name, among other benefits.

Terms of Use

  • You have read the information presented in the introduction and agree to the terms of use described in this document.
  • You understand that Greentrips holds the opportunity to ask any questions related to your participation, and any other additional details deemed necessary.
  • You have understood that your participation is entirely voluntary and that you are under no obligation to answer or be available all the time.
  • You are aware that some of the words and phrases from the feedback/interview provided may be included in the final report and publications to come from this project. You agree to the use of personally identifiable quotes after a specific agreement. This means that the team may come back to you and ask for permission to use specific quotes that have high value for a publication.
  • You consent that personal details as shown in the contact form are stored and processed for the scopes mentioned and only in relation to this project.
  • You give permission for feedback to be recorded using hardcopy, online tools or audio recording equipment.
  • By publishing changes, you agree to the Terms of Use, and you irrevocably agree to release your contribution under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License and the GFDL. 
  • You agree that a hyperlink or URL is sufficient attribution under the Creative Commons license.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I share an idea without saying who I am?

Yes, you can enter an idea anonymously.

  1. I am not sure of my idea or if it has been discussed before?

We all have our unique perspectives and experiences when it comes to moving around. We want to hear your ideas, experiences, suggestions and concerns about the way you move around in Malta. We believe there’s no such thing as a bad idea and that sharing feedback on how to improve your commute is essential, provided the comments are presented in a constructive way.   

  1. What happens if I take part?

The information you provide us will be recorded and used as input into the project. All ideas and feedback posted publicly are welcome, provided they are constructive, factual and coherent. You are also provided with the option to withdraw at any time. 

Should the information provided be of special interest to us, we may approach you for an interview or ask for further participation online to elaborate on your ideas. Consent to either will be at your own discretion.

  1. What will happen to the data collected by the project?

Greentrips will use all data collected to help everyone, including you and me, mobility providers and authorities to build a better future together. No personally identifiable information from you will be used unless you have agreed to this. 

However, by participating you are consenting to the unrestricted transmission of any resulting content. If you agree to participate in this project, information shared may be used by researchers, mobility providers and regulatory authorities.

Should Greentrips come to an end, the data and information accumulated will remain publicly available.

  1. What should I do if I have any concerns, complaints or questions?

If you have any concerns about the project, please email us on [email protected]  

Emails will be acknowledged within ten (10) working days and give you an indication of how your concern will be addressed. If you remain unhappy or wish to make a formal complaint, please contact us on [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]